3 Simple Gardening Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Gardening is a very worthwhile activity to take up. You can plant flowers to spruce up your garden, adding color and vibrant life. Or, you can even grow your own produce, therefore allowing yourself to eat healthy and feel the satisfaction of creating your own food. Whatever type of gardening you like, gardening is a fantastic way to get some sunlight and do something rewarding. But even the most experienced gardeners have room for improvement. Here are some easy tips that can make you gardening experience even better.

1) For acid-loving plants, add tea or coffee grounds

While each plant has its own required care, there are some plants that love acids. These plants include camellias, rhododendrons, gardenias, azaleas, and blueberries. These plants thrive when you acidify the soil. How does one do this, you may ask? An easy way to add acidity to the soil is to use leftover tea or coffee grounds. Once a month, sprinkle about a quarter of an inch of the tea or coffee grounds on the soil. This way, the pH of the soil will remain on the acidic side, and your acid-loving plants will flourish!

2) Use a tool with a long handle as a measuring stick

If you are into gardening, you’re likely to have a long-handled garden tool. In order to use it as a measuring stick, simply lay it to the ground and place a tape measure next to it. Write inch and foot marks on the handle with a permanent marker and voila! You’ve got a measuring stick! Now, if you need to space your plants a certain distance apart, you can just use the very gardening tool that you have next to you to measure the distance between the plants.

3) The best place to dry herbs is in your car

So the recipe for the food you want to cook requires dry herbs. The good news: You have some fresh and delicious herbs growing in your own garden. The bad news: Drying herbs can be a tedious task. Here is a simple solution: place a sheet of newspaper on the seat of your car and place the herbs in a single layer on top of the newspaper. Then, roll up the car windows and close the doors of the car. Now, all you have to do is wait–but not nearly as long you would have to wait if you dried the herbs in any other setting. This hack allows your herbs to be dried to perfection in just a short period of time. And, it makes your car smell fantastic. And air freshener for your car and a healthy treat? What more could you want?!

Gardening is an amazing pastime, with some not-so-amazing obstacles. But luckily, you can use simple household items to make your gardening experience easier and more enjoyable. With these hacks, not only will you be a much more efficient gardener, but you will be able to see the results and reap the benefits. Your garden will look more beautiful and you’ll be able to cook delicious food with the produce you grow. If you want to improve your gardening experience, the answer may not be buying fancy new tools. It might be just using items you can find right in your home!

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